Marketing Literature Architecture

Solving Collateral Proliferation With A System

Our content creation approach for marketing materials had a critical flaw. We were drowning in marketing collateral: brochures, factsheets, presentations, and the list goes on. An audit uncovered 175 distinct pieces of collateral. In an effort to not only streamline our literature quantities, but also develop more useful materials for sales, product, and marketing as well as clients and prospects, I led the project to design a new system for our materials. This work involved collaborating with marketing leads, cataloguing all materials, developing a taxonomy scheme, and reviewing recommendations with key stakeholders. In a parallel track, I led the art direction of a new design system for all of our pieces based on format and type (corporate, client, product & content). It was key to ensure that the system still allowed for flexibility and scale while adhering to standards of brand identity and brand architecture. To help manage this challenge, brochure templates for discrete literature types were made with alternative tools, such as PowerPoint, giving authors more control of content management. As a maintenance tool for the newly organized system, a decision tree was developed to aid content creators in identifying the appropriate format for their content.